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2022 Tangariro National Park Walks - Summer 2022 (Date TBC)
With Michelle Turra

Tama Lakes Walk

Get to the next level

With: Michelle Turra [Pic please]

We are planning an exciting team trip to Tangariro National Park. Families and students will love the outdoor experience of New Zealand's wonderous nature, including:

  • Tama Lakes walk

  • Taranaki Falls walk

  • Tangariro Alpine Crossing

There are many short safe walks around the park for smaller children with their families. Let's experience the experience together. 

For accomodation we plan to go Howards Mountain Lodge. The reason is they have dormitories for Karate Group and they have self contained units for family groups.

We are extremely fortunate to have Michelle Turra an experienced hiker and tramper to be our guide. She offers a host of leadership skills that we can all learn from. 

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